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Clean, safe, and renewable energy

The first factory in Serbia for the production of the latest generation PV modules.

Welcome to DoMi Eko Solar World:

Welcome to the heart of innovation in renewable energy—the first solar panel factory in Serbia. With a mission to enhance energy independence and environmental preservation, we at DoMi Eko Solar are committed to producing high-quality solar panels using the latest technologies in the industry.

Since our founding, our goal has been clear: to empower both domestic and international markets with reliable, efficient, and advanced solar solutions. Our factory, with an annual production capacity of 100 megawatts, symbolizes our commitment to this vision, positioning us at the forefront of the energy transition in the region.

Proud of our roots and guided by global trends, we at DoMi Eko Solar continuously work on researching and integrating the latest production techniques that not only increase the efficiency of our panels but also contribute to reducing the ecological footprint.

With the support of our expert team and using only the highest quality materials, we are here to light the way to a sustainable future. Join us in our mission to build brighter and cleaner tomorrows together.

DoMi Eko Solar - energetska nezavisnost - solarni paneli
DoMi Eko Solar - energetska nezavisnost - solarni paneli
DoMi Eko Solar - Solar Plan
DoMi Eko Solar - energetska nezavisnost - solarni paneli
DoMi Eko Solar - energetska nezavisnost - solarni paneli
DoMi Eko Solar - Solar Plan

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    Serbia —Oraska 45Velika Plana, 11320
    Solar Integration

    We stand at the forefront of solar

    Modern manufacturing facility, the latest technology, professional technical staff.

    We want to help you find your most optimal solar solution. Contact us and together we will find the solution that best suits the requirements of your home or business facility. We are located in Velika Plana, an hour’s drive from Belgrade.

    Schedule a meeting with our engineers and arrange the delivery of solar panels in the shortest possible time.

    Residential panels

    Perfect panels for your home!

    Commercial projects

    Transform your business into a sustainable business by using renewable energy sources.Let the Sun do the Work!
    Key stages

    Solar panel project timeline

    From concept to execution - it is very important to define the key elements of the entire process.

    Installation pricing

    We offer renewable energy

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    Promo pack

    Only unti the end of June 2024
    €108.75from €108.75 to 113.75 per panel
      • Promotional offer
      • DES 120 ES M-10 435-455Wp
      • Limited series
      • Made in Serbia
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    Residence pack

    For Home Use
    €152.25Per Panel
      • Suitable for Home use
      • DES 120 ES M-10 435Wp
      • For larger quantities - send request
      • Made in Serbia
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    >50 KW

    Commercial pack

    only orders >50KW
    €113.75Per Panel
      • Suitable for power plants.
      • DES 120 ES M-10 455Wp
      • Large buyers only
      • Made in Serbia
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    Frequently asked questions

    Solar energy provides clean, renewable power from the sun, significantly reducing electricity bills and harmful emissions.

    Using solar panels is cost-effective for a household. Households can lower electricity costs, potentially save money over time, and increase property value, while also providing a reliable, low-maintenance source of energy. However, the initial installation cost can be high, so it’s important to consider long-term savings and any available subsidies or tax incentives.

    Installing a solar system on your roof typically requires some expert knowledge. Here’s why:

    1. System Design: Designing an efficient solar system involves assessing your household’s energy needs, roof orientation, and shading from nearby structures or trees. This requires technical expertise to ensure optimal energy production.

    2. Electrical Safety: Solar installations involve handling electrical components and wiring, which can be hazardous without proper knowledge and precautions. Professional installers are trained to manage these risks.

    3. Building Codes and Regulations: There are specific building codes and regulations that must be followed to ensure the system is safe and legal. This includes permits and inspections which a professional installer would be familiar with.

    4. Optimal Performance: A professional can ensure that the system is properly installed for maximum efficiency and durability, including the correct placement and angling of panels.

    For these reasons, it’s generally recommended to use certified professionals for installing a solar system to ensure safety, compliance with local regulations, and optimal performance of the solar panels.

    A top-notch production facility, the latest generation, truly leaves no room for comment. Being the first factory of its kind in Serbia, it gives hope that we will have higher quality solar systems and greater energy efficiency in the future.


    A factory consists of many things: buildings, facilities, people… At DoMi Eko Solar, everything looks just as it should. Everything in its place. Young professionals, good products, good atmosphere, the factory is spotless. Highly commendable. I wish the company’s team much success in their work and believe that DoMi panels will find their place in both the domestic and international markets.


    Energize your home with solar solutions