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A factory consists of many things: buildings, facilities, people… At DoMi Eko Solar, everything looks just as it should. Everything in its place. Young professionals, good products, good atmosphere, the factory is spotless. Highly commendable. I wish the company’s team much success in their work and believe that DoMi panels will find their place in both the domestic and international markets.

A top-notch production facility, the latest generation, truly leaves no room for comment. Being the first factory of its kind in Serbia, it gives hope that we will have higher quality solar systems and greater energy efficiency in the future.

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Please fill out the form which will enable us to obtain more precise information about your needs. This way, we will be more accurate in formulating an offer.


Receive a personalized offer

We will create an offer that best meets your requirements, needs, and possibilities for utilizing solar energy.


Select your financing options

By choosing financing options, you will be able to precisely define how to implement your solar project.

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